Version 0.2.5

Disrupter is an open source set of rules for 10mm miniatures wargaming. It is platoon scale and infantry focused. Players take the role of a squad of veteran freelance mercenaries in the future. They have automated their forces, so half of their platoon consists of sophisticated, semi-autonomous battlefield robots.
Disrupter is inspired by the NSR movement in ttrpgs. It is seeking to be an NSR equivalent to the Game Designers' Workshop game Striker. If you want to play Striker, it is well-written and still available, this is not an attempt at a direct clone. It is more inspired by the approach of a game like Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games that gives players an enjoyable modern experience that elicits the same feeling as older games. It is also highly influenced by the 0e version of the Panic Engine used in Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games, Dropzone Commander by TTCombat, and CAV: Strike Operations by Talon Games.
Striker focuses on operations all the way up to a company level. Disrupter focuses only on the platoon level. Striker has the technology levels and equipment to support everything from WWI to the future with a full gamut of vehicles. Striker includes sophisticated design sequences allowing you to create any weapon or vehicle that you could want. Disrupter is much more purposeful and tries to replicate the command and turn structure of Striker while providing a much more focused set of Armor, Weapons, Bots, and, eventually, vehicles. Disrupter also adopts the terse, text-only, cross-referenced writing style of Striker along with its central hook of structured written orders.
Dropzone Commander is at the platoon level, but it has a larger focus on vehicles than Disrupter. Version 0.1 of Disrupter focuses exclusively on infantry and one infantry-like vehicle (inflatable transport boat).
Eventually, we want the game to develop infantry scale vehicle rules (atvs, jeeps, apcs, trucks, small numbers of small tanks, etc.) influenced by Gaslands. The goal is to eventually create a tabletop game that resembles the early prototypes of Halo as a tactics game like the games in the Myth franchise. This includes a focus on a small number of weapons and vehicles that are super fun to manuever.


The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license was chosen because we want people to be able to take these rules and run with them. However, we are not running a licensing department and provide no support. RV Games does want to make these rules into a published product at some point in time; however, we plan to keep the Disrupter rules free and open source on github in perpetuity.


We welcome for people to make a Pull Request if they would like to work on items on the TODO list, share optional rules, equipment, game modes, or platoons to become an official part of Disrupter. There are some rough guidelines for creating this content; however, there are not yet formalized design sequences for Disrupter. Contributions to the core rules, game modes, and equipment will only be integrated with great thought. The core rules are the kernel of an extensible system, this game is built with the Unix philosophy of small interrelated parts.
We give fair warning that the license does allow for commercial use, so like all open source projects, you will not receive any compensation from commercial derivatives of the work you contribute to the project. If you feel this is unfair, you can create a fork with a different license or sell your own derived product, those are your rights under this license as well.
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